How a South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help If You Were Bitten by A Neighbor’s Dog

In thsouth jersey personal injury lawyere United States, dogs are truly beloved. They are the most popular pet, and add tremendous joy to many lives. Unfortunately, dogs can also bring trouble, and particularly when they bite. A dog can be vicious, and even friendly dogs can quickly turn on a person. Dog bites can be extremely dangerous – they can even lead to death.  If you or someone in your family has been bitten by a neighbor’s dog, then you have legal rights, even if the animal has no previous history of aggression.  Richard B. Josselson is an experienced, knowledgeable South Jersey personal injury lawyer who can provide you with the information and representation that you need.

In the state of New Jersey, people who own dogs are legally responsible when their dog harms another person. Many dog owners are under the mistaken belief that they are only liable if the dog has a history of having attacked in the past, but that is not the case. The law states that this is true both in public places and in private places, including the dog owner’s home. The only exceptions to this rule are if the person who is attacked was unlawfully on the dog owner’s property with the intent to commit a crime, or if another party, such as a dogwalker, was somehow involved in the accident and was negligent. Even trespassers are able to sue a dog owner if a dog attacks them, and those who are injured do not have to meet a certain standard of injury – there is no requirement that skin is broken.  A lawsuit can be filed against a dog owner if the dog causes any kind of damage, including chasing and terrorizing a person or jumping up on them.

The laws in the state of New Jersey are extremely clear and well-delineated regarding dog bites and owner liability, but that does not mean that the cases are easy to pursue, and much of that is because it can be such an emotional issue. In most cases, dog bite victims are hesitant about confronting dog owners, who may be neighbors, friends, or even family members. That is why it is important to pursue dog bit cases through a South Jersey personal injury lawyer who is experienced in fighting for the rights of those who have been injured. As a matter of law, when a dog bites a person it is an issue of negligence – the owner is expected to maintain control over their animal, and when they fail to do so they are legally responsible for the damage that occurs.  All that a person filing a dog bite lawsuit needs to prove is that the person they’re suing is the dog’s owner, that the victim was in a public place (or lawfully in a private place) and that they were bitten.

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