South Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense LawyerWhether you have been arrested and charged with a crime or believe that you are being investigated as part of a criminal inquiry, it is important that you arm yourself with a competent and aggressive South Jersey criminal defense lawyer.  Finding an experienced lawyer will make a real difference in how your case proceeds, as well as in the outcomes of all court proceedings. At the Law Offices of Richard M. Josselson, we have a track record of successfully protecting our clients’ rights and preserving their freedom. For information on how we can help you, call our office at (856) 795-2050 to set up an appointment.

Richard M. Josselson is a South Jersey criminal defense lawyer who has been practicing law throughout the state of New Jersey and in federal court for the past 39 years. His record of success and the representation that he has provided to his clients has resulted in his selection by the National Trial Lawyers’ Association as one of their top 100 trial lawyers in the state of New Jersey for 2015.  He has earned a reputation for being dedicated to what is in his clients’ best interest, fighting hard for their rights and making sure that those who have been accused by the government have a voice and an advocate that levels the playing field.

At the Law Office of Richard M. Josselson, we have extensive experience in representing clients against all types of criminal charges, including:

  • Car-related criminal charges such as DWIs and reckless driving
  • Sex and Internet crimes including Internet pornography
  • Narcotics cases ranging from simple possession to narcotics sale, trafficking and conspiracy
  • Street crimes such as assault, grand and petty larceny, robbery and burglary
  • Attempted murder
  • Weapons possession
  • Murder

Whether you have committed the crime or have been wrongly accused, the American justice systems says that you are entitled to a competent defense on your behalf. In order to put yourself in the best possible position, you want an attorney who has a strong understanding of the criminal code, a profound interest in keeping you out of jail and getting you the best possible outcome, and skill at providing you with representation both in court and in conversations with the prosecution. At the Law Office of Richard M. Josselson, it is always our goal to help you to return to your normal life and provide you with a road to a brighter future.

Being convicted of a criminal charge can result in jail time, expensive fines and penalties, and the potential loss of many of the privileges that most American citizens cherish. Give yourself the best fighting chance in the charges against you by putting yourself in the hands of a South Jersey criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to giving you the best possible defense. Contact our office today to set up an appointment. Call (856) 795-2050.

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